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 Beta Sigma Alumni

        Use this page to locate alumni and current brothers from The Beta Sigma Fraternity.  Simply select the name of the Beta of your choice and send it via e-mail it to the address at the bottom of the page.  You will receive a prompt reply.  Click to the bottom of this page for question submittal and address inquiries or use the quick reference for easy name location.
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Quick reference
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Adams, Steve  -'96
Antonio, Mark  -'99 Badstibner, Brian  -'97
Baron, Gabe  -'99
Blough, Ryan  -'97
Brunot, Mark  -'96
Bukszar, Mark  -'97 Collins, Brian  -'97
Corey, Rod
Criado, Phil D'Andrea, Gabe  -'98
Darney, Tim  -'95
Dawson, Cliff
DeWoody, Doug  -'96
Doutt, Graham  -'98
Duda, Steve  -'95 Elvgren, Erik Ferris, Pat
Fritz, Dave Grabowski, Eric  -'96
Grubbs, Justin  -'98 Hunkele, Greg  -'98
Horn, Mark Jennings, Brian  -'97 Kildoo, Brian  -'98
Krenzer, Gary  -'97 Lentz, Josh  -'95
Lentz, Lee  '-98
Levenduski, Dan  -'97
Livermore, Jim
Love, Tedd
Lowman, Jeff  -'96 Maccagnan, Mike  -'96
Matthews, Nick  -'95
McClymonds, Matt
Metro, Gene  -'97
Milcic, Stuart  -'98
Mitchell, Jeff
Moore, Collin
Mourer, Matt
Mulbach, Mike
Musacchio, James Nord, Mark  -'98 Parker, Bob  -'98
Peffer, Jason  -'96 Rimer, Ron  -'95
Rodak, Casey
Rosey, Vic
Rush, Chad Sample, Jim  -'98
Schaltenbrand, Brian  -'95
Schnabl, Jason  -'96
Sherwin, Joe
Shields, Rich  -'96
Snyder, Brian  -'96
Snyder, Scott  -'99 Taggart, Matt  -'95
Talarczyk, Phil - '97
Todd, Jon  -'97 Vattimo, Shane
Vigrass, Eric Watson, Greg  -'96
Wetzel, Lew
Wolf, Kirk Zinkhann, Chad  -'98
      Questions about alumni, mailing addresses, or any related information can be sent to
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