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Current Events  

Here's what's happening with the Betas inside and out of the GCC bubble:

Fall, 1996
    The Betas fell on hard times, as school administration used the no proof they had to take our charter.  An "impeccable source" had apparently been to the dean of men to tell all.  Allegations of a rush party, alcohol, and other falsehoods surrounded the process.
    "We don't go looking for these things, they just fall into our lap and we have to take action on them." -GCC Student Affairs Administration.
To see the complete story, please click here.

Spring, 1997
    With or without a charter, the Betas celebrate their 75th year of existence at Grove City College.  Founded in 1922, Beta Sigma still carries on the traditions of brotherhood and friendship as well as relying on the firm foundations laid by the Betas of the past.

Fall, 1997
    The Betas celebrated their 75th homecoming in their usual style.  Thanks to all alumni for your support and presence while we are still charterless.

Spring, 1998
    To prove that we weren't all bad, the Betas undertook a service project for Grove City College on the banks of Wolf Creek.  With the possibility of reinstatement, we then drafted a letter of apology to the school.  This hope, however, was quickly removed when we were denied.  Apparently administration felt that less than two years was not enough time, although a sorority that lost its charter a week after the Betas was given full reinstatement.  Another letter is currently being submitted as the group looks to the fall semester for a pardon.